Alumni Webinars

Using your talent by Dr. Vincent Ogutu

Staying Focused amidst the COVID19 uncertainty by Mr. Edward Mungai

Your IT Security as you work remotely by Mr. Richard Otolo

The future of Work by Dr. Jim McFie

Keeping the family together amidst the Covid19 pandemic by Mr. Raymond Mutura

SU Alumni Bookclub - A review of 'Man's search for meaning', by Ms. Lucy Mulli

Leadership during uncertain times by Dr. Harry Akinola

Digital Skills 101 by Victor Peace, founder of The Portfolio

Entrepreneurship during & after Covid19 by Nashon Omondi.

Wellness and its challenges by Florence Ochanda

How to prepare for your career by Zipporah Chege & Willis Genga

Winning Customers by Angela Nzioki of Sokowatch & Calvin Omari of Pulsar Ltd

Book club Ep 2 Ft Professor Izael Da Silva

Strathmore University Alumni Experiences of Covid19

Your Taxes Simplfied by Mr Gabriel Okoyo - Director, Fortera Consulting Limited