Student Council Reunion 2017

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We left Strathmore University for Kereita, Kiambu County at noon hoping to take an hour on the road. However, our very informative tour guides had us take the longest route. We arrived at around two and couldn’t wait to start the activities for the day.Adrenaline had kicked in and soon the Student Council Alumni were climbing tyres and going through obstacles without a shred of fear. We were actualizing all the skills we had acquired from watching army movies with the caption “don’t try this at home”.  Our excuse, we were at The Forest.

We then proceeded to the most anticipated activity for the day. Should I say it out loud? Zip lining. One of the most exhilarating experiences you will ever have. Gushing through the air at a speed of 60kph, a length of 750m and 80m above the indigenous forest giving you an eagle view of the beautiful canopies.  The screaming was real; screams filled with both excitement and fear, one couldn’t get enough of it.  It was a breakthrough when some of us conquered our acrophobia.  When the raindrops began falling, we felt like we had done it all, we flew in the rain with the birds.

Dining was the third best part of the day. We certainly ate to our fill, of course we were hungry, young and excited. The food gave us the energy we needed to paint ball.  We were divided into two teams; the red and blue team. The trick of the game is to dominate the other team’s territory. The blue team didn’t hesitate to take over the red team and went on to win the game.

The endurance of the Student council was put to  test; no matter how many times they were put down, they would get up and continue the fight. That is how motivated they truly are.

The day would have been incomplete if the alumni and the current Student Council didn’t discuss the way forward for them as leaders in Strathmore University. They decided to start mentoring leaders within the University by having leadership programs and to improve the Student experience among others.

So Strathmore Students, watch out!  Better days in Strathmore are coming.